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Legend has it that in the faraway Fortune Islands, chests brimming with ancient coins, jewels and precious gems lie untouched underwater. Five fearless pirates have set sail across these perilous seas to lay their hands on the treasure. As they navigate the treacherous waters, these sea rovers scatter multipliers and bonuses across secret paths along the ship’s main cast. So arm yourself with courage and step forward—you’re joining their quest for fortune. 

Fortune Islands is an exciting new game from QUIK Gaming, the first of its type, using a four-chamber ball drawing machine. Fortune Islands comes with abounding features, thrilling multipliers during every game round on winning numbers, and a chance to win one of five unique Bonus Games. The game’s objective is to predict the total sum of the three balls drawn between 3 and 27.

 Players place their bets to predict the total value of the three balls drawn by the four-chamber draw machine, with the chance of winning multipliers of up to 1000x. Players can bet on 25 different betting options, numbers 3 – 27, and each betting number consists of a unique fixed multiplier. Players can also place bet on 1-5 bonus betting options for a chance to enter one of five Bonus Games. The first ball drawn will determine the Bonus Game players would enter should they land on a Bonus trigger.

 The five bonus games are made up of five bonus experiences unique to one another, where players can even get the chance to choose their luck. All five bonus games are packed with superb features, such as pick and click and the possibility for players to choose their path to levelling up. 

Jade Pecorella, Head of Games at QUIK Gaming, says, “In Fortune Islands, players take centre stage as they strategise their experience while predicting the total value of three balls drawn. Each outcome offers a base multiplier, while further randomly selected multipliers are added for a more valuable prize.

Players can also play for the bonus games to win a grand x1000 of their bets with five completely unique bonus games.”

Fortune Islands embraces the pirate theme aesthetic to a new level as players follow the captain’s journey throughout the dark seas, from a beautifully animated slot machine and interactive player selections to a map bursting with multipliers. 

“For our latest release, we handpicked the best experiences that every player has enjoyed throughout the years, ” continued Jade Pecorella, ” and we’ve used these experiences to allow the player to define their journey and choose their big wins.”

QUIK Gaming is building a name for itself in the iGaming industry, with their Unique Live Games becoming player favourites with many worldwide.  

“We create both Single Player and Live games, and this way, we can offer our games to all players. Through our Unique Live Games, we manage to merge the in-person experience of an exciting, familiar, slot-inspired bonus game with the Live experience of casinos,” said the company’s Head of Games. “By having this easy transition from Single Player to Live, we can also introduce live casino games to a broader audience, bringing them live versions of the casino games they already love playing in more traditional forms.”

Fortune Islands is available as both Single Player and Live. Both versions have the same rules and gameplay. Players can click the ‘Go Live’ button to transition to Fortune Islands: Live for added excitement and thrill.

Discover the hidden secrets of Fortune Islands, and join the hunt for one of the world’s greatest hidden treasures! 

Schedule a demo with the QUIK team for more information about Fortune Islands Live and Single Player.