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QUIK Gaming is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated release of Aztec Combat Single Player, another addition to its diverse portfolio of online casino games. Following the resounding success of Aztec Combat Live, the company continues to push the boundaries of gaming innovation with this exciting new release.

The heart of Aztec Combat Single Player lies in its unique Dragon-Tiger betting strategy, where players aim to predict the highest winning side. The game uses a virtual ball drawing machine, as opposed to the live ball drawing machine. The game retains the essence of the beloved Dragon Tiger strategy while introducing the ability for players to control their spin. This empowering feature adds a whole new dimension of engagement and interaction, allowing players to influence the pace of the game according to their preference.

“Building upon our success with Single Player versions of live games, such as Wheel of Fire, Race for Cash, and Fortune Islands, we are excited to introduce Aztec Combat Single Player. The overwhelming response to these titles inspired us to expand our efforts into creating RNG versions of our live games, including the highly anticipated Aztec Combat Single Player,” said Jaco van den Heever, VP of Sales & Business Development at QUIK Gaming.

In addition to the core gameplay, Aztec Combat Single Player includes the same two distinctive RNG Bonus Games of the live game that promise unforgettable moments and exciting rewards. In the Dragon Bonus Game, players can choose between the Invincible Dragon and the Power-Up Dragon, embarking on a captivating journey through the forest while collecting multipliers and power-ups. The Warrior Bonus Game challenges players to navigate a 6×6 grid, strategically breaking eggs to reveal dragons, multipliers, and additional warriors. To enhance their gameplay experience, players can seamlessly transition to the live version of Aztec Combat by clicking the “Go Live” button, offering the best of both worlds.

To experience the excitement firsthand, we invite you to access the demo version of Aztec Combat Single player. For more information about Aztec Combat Single Player and to explore QUIK Gaming’s wide range of captivating casino games, please contact our sales team at