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QUIK Gaming proudly introduces the much-anticipated Fortune Suite games, which includes Fortune 2, Fortune 3, and Fortune 4, marking a transformative moment in online lotto gaming.

The Fortune Suite games utilises two live ball drawing machines,  the first draw machine draws the Base Numbers, whilst the second machine draws the Fortune Number. The distinguishing factors among the three games lie in their payouts and the number of base numbers selected, offering players a tailored and engaging experience.

The standout feature of QUIK’s Lotto experience is the frequency of draws, with a captivating draw every two minutes, immersing players in a dynamic and high-energy gaming environment. Jaco Van Den Heever, VP of Sales and Business Development at QUIK Gaming, passionately expresses his enthusiasm, highlighting the innovative in-game transition feature. “My favourite feature is the in-game transition feature to other lotto games. Players can seamlessly switch from one Lotto game to another, ensuring they never miss out on the excitement.”

In keeping with its commitment to diversity, QUIK Gaming will be releasing 11 distinct lotto games in 2024. The Fortune Suite launch introduces pioneering features, including in-game transitions to other lotto games, countdown timers, and notifications, enhancing player experiences and ensuring they remain at the forefront of the action.

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About QUIK Gaming

QUIK Gaming stands at the forefront of the online gaming industry, dedicated to redefining online lotto gaming. With the Fortune Suite launch, QUIK Gaming takes a giant leap towards offering a diverse portfolio and cutting-edge features that elevate the gaming experience.