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Live Gaming thrills and
Single Player action,
at the click of a button.

Founded because of a single vision to marry the excitement of slots with the integrity of Live gaming! QUIK has taken a unique and bold approach to create a live gaming experience, unexplored by others. Creating a new proposition for existing, new and emerging players.

We’ve also taken our games a step further and created Live as well as Single Player versions of all our games. We’re really leaving no stone unturned.

Every game has the Live element at its core, and it all happens through Quik’s live equipment operating from our state-of-the-art studio. Whether by way of our live lotto machine or stunning live wheel, the draw machines are all self contained. The innovation adopted in the way the draws are carried out means that the integrity of the game is intact. 

The Single Player versions of our games are an easy introduction for our player base to understand how the game works, as they’re in control of the experience with the tap of a button. All our Single Player games have an exclusive Go Live button feature, that will seamlessly take players to the Live game.


Being innovative is what sets us apart. Traditionally, players have been segmented into slots or live casino players, but our Unique Live Games go beyond that, blending the top qualities of these two gaming worlds together to offer the best of both!


Our bold approach is defined by our ambition to reinvent live gaming. With our Unique Live Games, we are putting players centre stage— giving them an original and unforgettable experience.


We want to bring about change, and at the same time challenge the industry. We are determined to continue our commitment to transform ordinary games into exceptional ones.


With a studio based in Malta, this is where most of the magic happens, setting Quik apart from everyone else. Using simple technology and an innovative approach that guarantees transparency and automation, our system ensures that the least amount of mishaps occur during live games.

Using state-of-the-art draw machines instead of a croupier offers a heightened level of trust for players, and drastically reduces the chance of mistakes or inaccuracies. At the Quik studio, there is no room for compromise. Our set-ups aim to achieve complete autonomy with environments that are reminiscent of game shows, built on excitement, experience and expectation. 


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Quik Brains

A group of like-minded igaming executives with entrepreneurial minds and an in-depth knowledge of the industry were brought together by a common goal: to do things differently, to find ways to stand out in a competitive crowd through a new gaming vertical in order to achieve a heightened level of attractiveness for players. Quik’s approach to reinvent live gaming is bold but we know that the industry longs for it.

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Based in the sunny gaming hub of Malta, we’ve created an environment where people are encouraged to show off their talents and put their personal touch on every product, because we believe every game should have its own personality.

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