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QUIK Gaming, proudly unveils the latest additions to its lineup of live lotto style games: Hot Pick 3 and Hot Pick 4. These lotto-style games promise an exhilarating gaming experience, redefining the landscape of online lotto play.

Hot Pick 3 and Hot Pick 4 take players on a seamless and immersive gaming journey, through the thrill of a live ball drawing machine with 36 balls numbered 1-36. By selecting their base numbers, players eagerly anticipate draws happening every 2 minutes, ensuring a constant rush of excitement in a vibrant gaming environment.

Distinguished by the number of base numbers chosen and payouts, Hot Pick 3 and Hot Pick 4 cater to diverse player preferences. Their dynamic nature, coupled with high frequency draws every 2 minutes, adds an extra layer of excitement, setting them apart in the online lotto gaming realm.

Jaco Van Den Heever, VP of Sales and Business Development at QUIK Gaming, highlights the innovative in-game transition feature, emphasising its game-changing impact on the online lotto gaming experience. “Seamlessly switching between Hot Pick 3 and Hot Pick 4 within the game interface ensures players never miss a moment of the thrilling action.”

Hot Pick 3 and Hot Pick 4 represent more than just additions to QUIK Gaming’s diverse gaming portfolio; they are a glimpse into the future of QUIK’s online lotto gaming.