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Diversity has been a hot topic across most industries for some time now. As more professionals look for inclusive workplaces that cherish diversity and thrive on everyone just being themselves, there’s been an added focus on this topic. Companies are looking at ensuring everyone in the business is given the same opportunity and support to succeed and achieve their personal and professional goals—regardless of their demographic traits. 

Particularly in industries with stagnant diversity stats like iGaming, we know there’s still a long way to go to truly celebrate equality across the industry. Studies show how more diversity in a business leads to better performance, innovation, productivity, and overall employee satisfaction, implementing measures to ensure every team member is a no-brainer. Not only because it’s the right and fair thing to do and because it’s a win-win situation. 

At QUIK, we’re focused on creating a workplace where everyone is empowered to be their authentic selves and reach their highest potential. We want to make QUIK a great place to work while at the same time contributing to creating a fairer industry. 

The following are 3 ways we embrace diversity and promote inclusivity at QUIK: 

Working towards more gender balanced teams 

The iGaming industry has long been considered a male-dominated industry—with a lack of gender diversity plaguing all levels of the business, especially within the more senior leadership roles. 

And while we’re aware we’re still not close enough to our ideal figures in our overall figures, with 64% of our entire team being male and 36% being female, we’re incredibly proud of our management level stats. 

In fact, 42% of our management is male, and 58% are female—which is far more balanced than the industry standard, estimated at 59.2% and 40.8% respectively for Executive Board members, and 22.5% females and 77.5% males in Non-Executive Board positions

We know we still have some work to do—but our progress so far keeps us moving forward. 

Cultural diversity is our winning hand

As the world becomes increasingly global and connected, having culturally diverse teams has become more critical now than ever. The benefits of having teams of people from various backgrounds are hard to argue, and at QUIK, we’ve seen the results of celebrating our cultural diversity first-hand. 

We’re 22 on the QUIK team so far. And, although our offices our based in Malta, our team hails from all around the world—including Malta naturally, Spain, Poland, Pakistan, The United Kingdom, South Africa, Denmark, Kosovo, Turkey, and Italy. 

This mix makes our team meetings always more interesting (and our travel bucket lists a little longer, and our curiosity around other cultures a little deeper). It also helps us develop inventive and creative solutions that are only born when people from various backgrounds and cultures come together and look at the same situation or problem from different points of view. 

Plus, having flexible work arrangements means that we can embrace this diversity in all its facets. We work together towards the same goal knowing every team member is valuable and needed—and that helps the team remain engaged and productive, while maintaining the right work-life balance too.  

Diverse people, one mission 

The quote “Let’s make a difference with our differences” (Anon) is central to QUIK’s diversity efforts. Our business was born to make a difference in the world of iGaming, and stand out by providing something unique in its kind in our industry. And to do this, we need different people who think differently and can come up with diverse ideas and solutions. 

This is why we’re goal-oriented at QUIK—we value talent and work hard to make sure we give that talent the tools needed to grow. We know our team can do better if we do better—and we cannot do this if we expect employees to fit all fit in one box, but instead be accepted for who they are and supported to become the best version of themselves. 

If you’re looking to join a multicultural workplace with ample opportunities to grow and learn, QUIK is increasing its fantastic team. Learn more about what we offer, and look at our open positions on our careers page now!