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In a recent discussion, Casinos Hunter had the privilege of sitting down with Jaco van den Heever, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at QUIK Gaming. This conversation marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter in QUIK Gaming’s journey. From its inception, QUIK Gaming has been driven by a single vision: to blend the exhilaration of traditional slots with the immersive experience of live gaming—a topic we’ve previously explored in a Q&A session.

As a company that has established its presence and continues to evolve, QUIK Gaming remains dedicated to this vision. In the coming months, we’re thrilled to unveil the next phase in their journey—the highly anticipated launch of QUIK Lotto, an enticing series of lotto-based games.

QUIK Gaming’s innovative approach is centered on redefining the world of lotto gaming and casino entertainment. Their aim is to captivate a more diverse and extensive audience.

To gain an in-depth understanding of QUIK Lotto and immerse yourself in their world, we invite you to read the full exclusive interview. Don’t miss out—explore the complete interview here and stay connected with Casinos Hunter for more exciting updates!