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With the world opening up again, and Covid-19 restrictions being eased, most industries are back to hosting in-person events and conferences. The iGaming sector is no exception. And with the ICE London being held in person again this year, it feels like things are gradually going back to what they were before the pandemic hit.

We’re 5 days away from the largest global gathering of gaming operators in Europe, and preparations are underway. And although packing for such large-scale events is like riding a bike, given it’s been a long time since we did it last, we’ve compiled a list of essentials you need to pack for ICE 2022 to make sure you’re prepared, and that your stay is as productive (and fun) as possible.

1. Notepad and pen

A timeless classic—make sure you pack at least a small notepad and pen, even if you’re planning on taking notes on an electronic device such as a tablet or laptop. You never know when you’ll need to jot down some quick notes, someone’s contact, or even leave a message for someone—or when your device battery will run out. Oh, and don’t forget to pack more than one pen—as they’re easy to misplace, or just never make it back once you lend them. And, always check if the pens actually write before packing.

2. Business cards

In digital or traditional form, business cards are essential to a successful conference visit. So, make sure you bring along enough business cards to hand out to all the people you’ll be meeting. Plus, business card scanner apps, such as HiHello can extract all important information from all the business cards you’ll be receiving—reducing the risk of losing any important business cards during your trip. 

3. Electronics

Laptops, tablets, business mobile phones, and all the devices you need to carry our your job, are a staple when on business trips—so make sure you pack them safely in your hand luggage. Our bonus tip is to charge all your devices before getting to the destination. You never know whether you’ll need to work on something last minute, and being on the go, there’s no guarantee you’ll find a socket to plug your laptop or charger into. 

4. Charger/power bank

Somehow part and parcel of your electronics, your charger and power bank are just as essential. Conference days are typically long, and most devices will not survive throughout the entire day without needing a quick recharge. So, even if you’ve brought your notepad and pen for these situations, you’ll still want to be prepared with your charger and power bank too. 

5. Snacks

The truth is, just like your electronic devices, you’ll need to recharge your batteries at some point too. Especially with back-to-back meetings, networking and events, you’ll need plenty of snacks to fuel your energy until you make it to lunch and dinner. Snacks like cereal bars, nuts, dried fruit are easy to eat anytime and don’t take up much space either—making them the ideal conference snack of choice. And, you’ll probably be speaking quite a lot during these days—so having some mints at hand is a great idea if you want to help sooth your voice during and after your meetings. This is why we made sure to include some in our QUIK ICE 2022 Kit, available at our stand N1-540 in limited edition.

6. Documents

Passport, flight tickets, your ICE ticket, and other important documents are ultimately the true essential to a successful conference. So, make sure you pack them in your carry-on and keep them somewhere secure during your stay. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, different venues or events might have specific entry requirements, so to avoid any issues, check what these are in advance. 

7. Leisure clothes

ICE 2022 will be held in a stunning location,ExCEL London, in one of the world’s most beautiful cities—so while you’ll be busy during conference hours, you’ll still get some downtime and free time before and after that. Apart from your business wear, don’t forget to pack some comfortable clothes and shoes to wear out while exploring The City. 

8. 2022 Specials

This is the first in-person ICE London event after the Covid-19 pandemic, so if you’d like to be safe, and keep those around you just as safe, don’t forget to pack the essentials like face masks and hand sanitiser. 

See you in London!

The QUIK Team will be at N1-540, so don’t forget to stop by and say hello! We’ll be there to welcome you, get to know each other better and talk about how we can collaborate to provide the best experience to your players through our Unique Live Games. If you’d like to schedule a meeting, message us directly on our website.