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There’s a lot of work involved in what QUIK Gaming does. From project ideation to development and production, QUIK’s Unique Live Games come with a great deal of behind the scenes. And, naturally, all of this wouldn’t be possible without the incredible QUIK Team—working on end to make sure to create such unique games for operators and their players. But what’s a good team without a great leader, right? This is why we sat down with the COO of QUIK Gaming, Timothy Bartolo Parnis who’s been heading QUIK’s team for the past three years—and we had a chat about QUIK’s games, their future-first approach, and everything else in between. 




Q: Hi Tim, let’s start by giving an overview of what QUIK is and what QUIK does within the iGaming industry. 




A: Sure, thanks! Here at QUIK, we’re on a mission to bring together the excitement of slots with the authenticity of live gaming. We’re based in Malta, and after working in iGaming individually, we joined forces as a creative group in 2018. I guess after years of experience in the industry, what brought us together initially was the drive to do something different. We wanted to challenge the idea of the live casino—which, when you think of it, is quite a bold ambition to aim for, as it really goes against the current status quo. The result is our Unique Live Games—in which we bring together the best of slots elements with live and bonus features.




Q: Can you tell us a little bit more about QUIK’s Unique Live Games, and what makes them so special? 




A: Perhaps the most notable difference, at first sight, is that instead of using game presenters, we decided to take a different approach through our live equipment, operating from our studio in Malta. This way we offer something alternative to players—who can enjoy a unique and different experience to the one they’re used to. We also feel that this approach means that the game itself and the players are the only focus of the experience. This sort of intimacy, as well as a heightened level of trust and transparency, is something we noticed players increasingly looking for— so as their interests develop, we realised that an interesting portion of that audience was looking for something different. This is why we took the plunge to create it.

All our games are available in Live and Single Player mode too. The Single Player mode mostly serves as an introduction to how our game works—so players can get acquainted with the game and once they’re ready to go live, they can just click a button and voilà! They enter the Live game seamlessly.




Q: Where do you see QUIK in the next few years? 




A: Definitely creating more innovative and unique content. So far, we’ve released a total of 8 games in both Live and Single Player mode, in less than two years. We’re also licensed to operate in Malta, the UK and The Bahamas, and as a result, we’ve also partnered up with some amazing operators across these jurisdictions, latest being Island Luck – the leading casino, lottery and sports betting operator in The Bahamas.

We want to continue on this path—creating unique games, for forward-looking operators and reaching more players around the world. I’m really proud of our team, as together we managed to build a name for ourselves within the industry as creators of such unique experiences. This is something operators and players alike really appreciate, and so we want to do more of this!



Q: Excellent! Sounds like a great plan. And what about the team, do you see QUIK’s team expanding further?




A: As I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s impossible to do what we do without the talented and dedicated team we’ve put together at QUIK. Regardless of our role within the group, we share this forward-looking attitude, and we’re truly all dedicated to transforming ordinary games into exceptional ones—and we thrive on the fresh ideas every team member brings to the table. So, as we grow, we’re constantly on the lookout for fresh talent to join us in our pursuit of transforming the iGaming industry. For instance, we’re currently looking for Games Mathematicians, Senior Back-end Developers, Game Developers, DevOps Engineers and QA Automation Engineers so yes, the plan is to continue to expand even further.


Q: Speaking of the future, what will the iGaming industry look like in say, 5 years? 



A: One thing the pandemic has taught us it’s hard to predict what the future might look like! But if we manage to look past that, one thing we know for sure is that the iGaming industry will continue to evolve in parallel with the latest technology available. With further advances in technology, creators like us are given extra opportunities to develop innovative games that give players a unique experience that’s not only in line with their needs but also their expectations. The technology might change, but the focus will remain the same— and that is to give players the most valuable experience possible from our products, one they enjoy, and also keeps them engaged. This is incredibly exciting, as it’s an added opportunity for us to continue with our forward-looking approach—not just now, but also in the years to come. We already give players an immersed experience with the current technology available—so thinking of how we’ll be able to bridge traditional games with the innovation of the future is incredibly exciting!


Q: That does sound exciting! One final question—what’s your advice for anyone looking to join the iGaming industry now, or even in the future?


A: Dare to be bold! And, use your ambition to make a difference within the industry. It’s so easy to just go with the flow, however, what the industry really needs at the moment are individuals who challenge the norm to create something authentic and unique. So, whichever branch of iGaming you’re thinking of joining, whether that’s as an architect, a developer, a designer—just to mention a few—always think, “What sets me apart from the rest, and how can I use that to make a change?”. I guarantee your potential employers and colleagues, as well as their clients and their players, will be grateful for that!

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