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There’s always something exciting about seeing a much-loved classic game get a modern twist – which is just what QUIK is doing with the release of its latest game, Lotto Roulette, bringing something fresh and innovative to a favourite and time-honoured live casino game. 

Players familiar with traditional roulette will love this new take on the game, while there’s no doubt lotto players will be thrilled by this new concept in Live gaming. What’s so new, you ask? Well, there is no traditional roulette wheel – instead, the work is done by a live lotto draw machine that selects the numbers at random.

With Lotto Roulette, the latest release in its suite of Unique Live Games, QUIK is giving its own spin to an age old, classic and all-time favourite casino game. The fun part? The live element, of course – a consistent feature of all of QUIK’s new game releases that sets it apart from other games in the betting-sphere.

Lotto Roulette retains a lot of what fans of the classic game love about it. As in the traditional form of play, you begin by placing your bets on segments of the table. This game gives you the chance to bet on 37 numbers on the table grid (1-36 plus a single zero pocket).

While all 37 balls are shuffled in the drum of the live draw machine, players may place their bets as they would on a traditional roulette table, and once the numbers are drawn, they will be streamed directly to their screens. 

The game-changer in QUIK’s all-new and fast-paced version of this classic game is the introduction of the state-of-the-art Live Draw machine, which transforms the user experience, making it ever more engaging. 

The rhythm of the game is swift, keeping players on the edge of their seats through the live action, and delivered to their screens with a high-quality look and feel.

With QUIK’s Unique Live Game, players will get to experience the best elements of traditional roulette, all made that much more lively and intriguing with the innovative Live Draw machine.

Jade, a Game Producer at QUIK, sums it up nicely, explaining that Lotto Roulette “combines the best elements of the land-based casino with the digital experience, in a whole new Live way.”