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Whether seeking the thrill of a live game or the instant gratification of a single player version, your players will have a world of choice at their fingertips.


From the start, QUIK set out to create games that are different to what’s already out there. You might think you’ve heard that one before, but we mean every word, and our Unique Live Games will show you just what we mean. 

We have witnessed what slots achieved in gamification and elevated that by mixing in the live element, bringing together the best of both worlds. But we’ve taken all this a step further and created Live as well as Single Player versions of all our games. We’re really leaving no stone unturned.

The beauty of choice

Timothy Bartolo Parnis, COO at QUIK, explains the benefits of this, saying that, in Single Player mode, players simply place their bets and spin – there’s no need to wait for a countdown timer or other players to place their bets. “It gives the player immediate gratification, making the game faster and more thrilling.”

“For operators, this offers an added advantage as they can offer games in markets where live is not permitted, making the game even more unique for such players and can even offer lower bet limits,” he adds.

Explaining why we sought to create two versions of the games, Jade Pecorella, a Game Producer at QUIK, says “it is important to us that players experience the best of QUIKs games, making sure to match the live environment we show in our livestream with the Single Player experience, with enhanced visuals that really allow the player to feel as though they are in control of their gameplay.” 

She adds that, through this approach, all players are catered for, whether they’re sitting at home on their phone or computer, or on the move. “The Single Player allows players to balance their on-the-go routine with their passion for online gaming, without having to follow the timer on betting rounds found in the Live game.”

The thrill of Live

Every game we produce and launch has the Live element at its core, but in a way that’s entirely different to what we’re used to seeing in game shows and live games. 

Since its founding, QUIK’s intention has been to offer a live studio game environment without croupiers, instead, integrating elements of slots and lotto, providing the ultimate entertainment experience to all players, ranging from slot players to live and lotto players.

The magic is created through QUIK’s live equipment operating from our state-of-the-art studio. Whether by way of our live lotto machine or stunning live wheel, the draw machines are all self contained, free from live dealers and human intervention, and so there’s no chance of error. The innovation adopted in the way the draws are carried out means that the integrity of the game is intact. This is what sets us apart.

“Presenters are not required to anchor in conversation as the games are fast, interactive and all so absorbing for the player, that they need no one to keep a player locked in,” Timothy explains. “The games are simple and engaging, and players don’t need a presenter to remind them how to play or tell them the outcome. They can simply focus and enjoy it.”

Additionally, live creates the reality of a real studio with real draw machines shuffling balls or a spinning wheel to give results, so players can revel in a true live stream in high quality, and absorb great experiences. 

Timothy adds that, better still, operators will benefit from such new, live content. “We bridge the experience of different game types, creating unique content which others don’t offer. The games are fast and dynamic with multiple layers of playability – something never experienced before.”

Finding the best fit 

So, what kinds of players are both versions aiming to attract? With her intimate knowledge of the games, Jade explains that all the Single Player games are based on the Live games. 

“The Single Player games are an easy introduction for our player base to understand how the game works, as they’re in control of the experience with the tap of a button. They have a Go LIVE button feature, which is exclusive to all our Single Player games, that will seamlessly take players to the Live game.”

Both versions have the same rules and gameplay. The only difference is that, in Wheel of Fire, for example, Single Player uses a visually rich, animated wheel, with a player in control of the timing of spins. Whereas in the Live game, there is a live video stream of our custom-made wheel which spins when the timer counts down to 0.

“QUIK’s games are for all players, and with the Single Player and Live games, we bring the land based experience of an exciting, familiar, slot-inspired bonus game to the Live experience of casinos,” says Jade. “QUIK combines the familiar setting of the live entertainment environment with big wins and immersive bonuses, as well as familiar characters that players can relate to.”

There’s more to come 

Live lotto machines and a live wheel aren’t all we have to offer. Get ready to be blown away by our upcoming game, Race for Cash, which is truly in a league of its own in many ways. It uses an impressive draw machine in the shape of a racetrack that is completely, 100% new to the market, and we can’t wait to show it off. 

With other new games in the pipeline, expect more bespoke draw machines too, as well as more impressive game aspects that include slot elements and bonus features – all of which offer a Live and Single Player version, ensuring that you not only offer customers something entirely new and fun, but that is also the right fit for them.