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Combining the best of Live Casino, Slots and Lotto – Quik Games have arrived.

Our team has a lot to celebrate this Christmas and New Year, as we saw our vision of creating unique, live games to rock the casino market become a reality. Look out 2021… this is the year of Quik Gaming! 

When Quik was still a twinkle in the eye of a group of iGaming veterans back in 2018, even then we knew what we wanted to bring into the world of online gaming. We’ve seen casino lobbies becoming stale and with our games we wanted to blend the best of live gaming with the gamification of slot games and lotto, bringing the best of both worlds to shake up casino lobbies. And this past year has seen this big idea develop (thanks to our amazing team) into some seriously innovative, unique live games that we couldn’t be more proud to call Quik Games.

From the outset, we’ve been committed to offering more than just ordinary games. Our guiding vision has been to offer a whole new gaming vertical – blending the best of Live, Slots and Lotto – and create an immersive, combo-style game that operators and players alike will love. 

Quik’s COO Timothy Bartolo Parnis has understood this vision from the beginning, and he is excited about what’s on the horizon.

‘‘The industry needs a change of direction, as players have a desire for new products. Quik’s pledge is to offer brands a new vertical that will help attract new players with a fresh appetite for unique, live games.”

Timothy Bartolo Parnis – COO

This is why, we’re knocking down the crumbling walls that separate Table Games and Slots, fusing the integrity of Live Casino gaming with the thrills and fun of slots… and because we like to put our money where our mouth is, you can contact us to try out demos on our first games to hit the market – SuperBlocs and Lotto Roulette.

It’s been a busy, exciting 2020. Because we pride ourselves on making all of our games from scratch, with no cut-and-paste concepts, every day has been full of challenges and our efforts paid off at the end of the year when ORYX were the first to add our games onto their Gaming Hub!

We’ve also taken some time to catch up with our unstoppable Jade Pecorella, our Game Producer, who needs no introduction to the gaming industry. 

‘‘We’ve all been entertained by game shows, croupiers deal on live games and spun reels on slots, and this is where Quik comes to combine all 3. Using rich graphics and immersive features, and the exciting chase all in a live environment. ’’

Jade Pecorella – Game Producer

Jade is excited about our next two games, Wheel of Fire and Race for Cash, due to be released in early 2021: “Wheel of Fire’s mechanics and features, combined with our furry ninja mascot Kit, will truly teleport players to another world, because with every spin of the live wheel in our studio,  players will watch their betting area come alive! We’ve added 3 unique bonus games and a 4th which combines all 3-in-1 and Race for Cash will keep you on the edge of your driver’s seat, no matter what bet you place! Bridging the live, slot and sports bet approach, this a live game like no other. Using a racetrack shape as a draw machine, we have added a championship feel where players get to bet on their favourite racer to reach the bonus game. With the vibrant animations, side bets, progressive betting, base game betting and bonus game racer specific feature, you’ll be putting your gaming pedal to the metal’’

In line with Jade’s vision of Quik’s innovative future releases, we aim to do nothing less than breathe new life into casino lobbies and rock the world of iGaming!

With more of our games hitting the market, you won’t want to be last in line, so come and speak to our Quik Team to find out how you can bring your casino lobby to life and add our games onto your platform with our fuss-free integration and discover the future of online gaming. 

So watch out 2021 – this is the Year of Quik!