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There’s one thing most of us can agree on—2021 has been quite a year. And, while the challenges were many, so were the opportunities. For us here at QUIK, 2021 will definitely remain a year to remember. We went from launching our business to exhibiting in the one of the largest iGaming festival in less than 365 days—with much more in between. So now, while we wrap up this year and plan for the upcoming one, we cannot help but look back and celebrate at what we’ve achieved so far, while blueprinting the upcoming year on this one’s success. 

QUIK goes live 

Perhaps the most pivotal moment of our year was in June 2021. Our dream of innovating the iGaming industry started becoming a tangible reality, as we went live and started launching our unique games. Since then, we’ve been offering an innovative approach to gaming, one that combines the best of live casino, with that of slot and lotto, creating a distinct and unforgettable experience for our players. 

Throughout these six months, we went live with four of our games. Our first one was SuperBlocs, a multi-layered, thrilling reinvention of the live roulette experience. Appealing to both slots and table game fans, it is an innovative take on a much-loved classic, in which players can place bets on one or more segments of the table, and watch our exclusive machines picking the winning numbers, instead of a classic roulette wheel. We wanted to take the game up a notch, and added a bonus game rewarding players with additional multipliers and bonus opportunities. We must admit, Superblocs set the bar high—but since then, we’ve never looked back. 

Our second launch was Lotto Roulette, a fresh and innovative take on a much-loved, classic live casino game—roulette. Then came one of our players’ favourites—Wheel of Fire. Available in both Live and Single Player, it also includes one of our  favourite mascot—Kit, who’s on a mission to become the greatest fox ninja and explore the element of Fire. And by the end of the year we are also releasing Race for Cash, a combination of live, slot and sport book strategies in which players are taken to the hyperspeed year of 2095, where ten adrenaline-fuelled racers tear up the streets racing through the neon skyline of New York State, available both in and Live and Single mode. 

Extending our reach 

2021 wasn’t only a year for creating, but also the year in which we broadened our horizons further. We obtained the MGA Licence, UKGC, and recently, the Bahamian Licence too. Receiving the green light to operate under these jurisdictions is incredibly significant for us at QUIK Not only is this a stamp of approval for our hard work and standards, but also an opportunity for us to reach new audiences, and deliver our games in markets that are in significant growth. 

One other major milestone for us was integrating our games on iSoftBet’s Game Aggregation Platform (GAP), making them accessible to most of Europe’s leading operators, and allowing us to bring innovation to new audiences around the globe. 

QUIK goes big

Few things can be more nerve-wracking than your first large-scale event as a new business—and well, for us, that was exhibiting at SiGMA 2021. After weeks of intense preparations, we had the marvellous  opportunity to meet so many of our clients in person, and chat to them about what we’ve been up to over this year, and what we plan to do to continue innovating the future of iGaming. The event went on for less than a week, but the memories will last us for a lifetime! 

Our plans for 2022

Well, if you think 2021 has been a busy year for us at QUIK, wait till you hear what we’re planning on achieving in 2022. We’re quite restless with our goal to innovate the iGaming industry, and so, we’re planning on releasing ten new games in this upcoming year—both in Live and Single Player versions. We’re also planning on putting together the QUIK Lobby, a space in which you can find all of QUIK’s titles under one tab, making it easier, and more efficient for our clients to get a wider view of what we can offer at a glance. 

Timothy Bartolo Parnis, our Chief Operations Officer told us that 2022 will be the year in which we further “establish ourselves and the brand in the market. We want to continue catching the eye of several influential operators, as we bring the brand and our unique game offering to new and existing players worldwide. 2022 will be the year in which QUIK continues to grow. With our new ideas and concepts in this hybrid game offering we are getting the right kind of attention, and through this, we continue to develop products and get the right market positioning.”

We know this won’t be easy. But, at QUIK, we’re all so proud of our hard work and how far we go to create an unforgettable player experience. In the words of Jade Pecorella, our Head of Games, “we take innovation seriously, and our young and dynamic team is shaping the gaming industry in ways we never thought would be possible. We often get told we don’t fit in a particular box, and I think my team will agree when I say that that’s the way we like it—it’s the only way we can think outside of it.”

And, this is the spirit with which we’re moving towards the new year. No wonder Jade tells us that for 2022, “we looked at some QUIK spins on game modals all players will chase, by changing the ways we have played the popular Bingo and Keno through our upcoming titles Pattern Blitz Bingo and Rocket Blast Keno, and by uniquely adapting our creativity to chasing the exciting multiplier wins by allowing players to choose their ultimate faith!” 

“Ending the year will begin the QUIK dynamic series with creative ways of pushing live like no other. We have so much planned! Such as our title Chick Live Adventure, which we plan on releasing in 2022 with its playful gameplay and a strategic side bet play, QUIK is really turning the Live Game around!”


Innovate and the future follows you

Innovation has been, and continues to be our main goal for 2022. We’re positive that this is the way forward for us. We want to continue offering players a different, and unique experience, and by doing so, we hope to drive further innovation within the industry. 

So, while we celebrate the wins this year has brought along, we can’t help but invite you to stay tuned. 2022 is going to be an even more exciting one.