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We are pleased to announce that QUIK Gaming has secured licence approval from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). 

‘This is a huge step for QUIK!,’ said Timothy Bartolo Parnis, COO at QUIK Gaming, ‘as the UKGC is known to have strict regulation requirements to comply with.’ The approval, which comes after a long, thorough preparation exercise to meet the stringent criteria set by the UK gambling regulations, will expand QUIK’s market reach to one of the the largest markets in Europe.

The feedback from the UK market has already been very encouraging, with operators and partners instantly acknowledging the freshness of QUIK’s product offerings and their appeal to the British market at large. ‘We have a long line of parties interested in our innovative Unique Live Games,’ says Timothy Bartolo Parnis as he announces that online casino operators in the UK will shortly be able to integrate QUIK’s games to make them available for their wide variety of players for the very first time.

QUIK’s one-of-a-kind Unique Live Games, with their exceptional blend of slot and live aspects, as well as their availability in both single and live player formats, is set to draw in a wide array of British players who will no longer have to choose one over the other. ‘We can’t wait to see the joy of players’ faces as they interact with our games for the first time,’ adds Timothy Bartolo Parnis.

About QUIK Gaming

From its very inception in 2018, QUIKGaming has ceaselessly committed to a one single vision: to transform the live gaming market by bridging the exhilaration of slot games and the integrity of live games to deliver players a product that is unique, exciting and unforgettable. 

QUIK’s variety of products, available in both Live and single-player game formats, provide a comprehensive and wide-scale solution that attracts and excites a broad spectrum of players by giving them the best of both worlds.

Through its one of a kind approach, QUIK is paving the way for a new gaming vertical that revolutionises the entertainment industry.


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