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Race for Cash combines the best of live, slot and sports bet approaches. Using a racetrack-shaped draw machine for the live game and a virtual racetrack for the single player version, Race for Cash takes players on an adrenaline-pumping ride of a lifetime. 

Race for Cash offers players three different game experiences: Multiplier Base Game wins and a Pachinko Style Bonus Game, each keeping them on the edge of their seats.

The highly immersive and vibrantly animated game allows players to bet on their favourite racer. They can also qualify for the Bonus Game, where they can swell their wins by collecting some wildly big multipliers. With guaranteed multipliers every round and giving each racer specific bonus game features, the game is set to keep players revved up throughout.

Race for Cash is available as both Single player and Live. Both versions have the same rules and gameplay.Players can click the ‘Go Live’ button to transition to Race for Cash: Live, for added suspense and thrill.

Pick your winner!


Players bet on which of the ten racers they think will place first in the race.

The draw machine releases ten numbered balls, each corresponding to one of the ten competitive drivers, as the drivers prepare to race through the track.

Players watch as an animation displays each racer speeding ahead collecting unique multipliers along the way. Players are guaranteed to collect and win multipliers during every round.

At the end of the race, the final draw is announced revealing the winner of the race and the placement of all other drivers.

Winnings are multiplied according to the respective multiplier assigned to each bet spot during the race.

Drivers unleash their unique abilities
on a ride of a lifetime.


Players can bet on two separate bets in order to qualify for the bonus game: one predicting the two racers placing first, the other predicting the two racers placing last. 

The Random Number Generator (RNG) predicts which racers will be the top two (1st and 2nd places) and which will be the last two (9th and 10th places).

Players can either bet on one or both sequences.

At the end of the race, if the drivers match the sequences predicted on the bonus game bets, players are whisked away and immersed into the Bonus Game.

Whilst all Live players can watch the Bonus Game unfold, only players who placed bets on the winning bet sequence can participate and win.


If players qualify for the Bonus Game, they are whisked away to a multi-layered, fast paced multiplier pachinko street race. The street race track has 12 starting zones, scattered multipliers, bumper multipliers, moving obstacles and 16 random multipliers speckled across the finish line.

The game-changer is that each of the ten racers has a unique power up. For instance, Racer 4, Double Demi races twice in the bonus game. Lady Velocity, Racer 6 will start you off with a x10 multiplier and the list goes on and on!

The players follow the racer drifting through the obstacles, collecting multipliers and finally speeding through on one of the sixteen finish line lucky multipliers.

The Race for Cash bonus adds any additional multipliers to the total multiplier bank when the game is completed.



Game Name
Race for Cash: Live
Game Type
Live Casino Game
On Desktop, Mobile, Tablet

RTPs & Payouts



Racers 1 - 10

x3, x5, x7, x10, x15 or x20

Bonus Game

Over x500

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