What came first, the chicken or the egg?


Why did the Chicken cross the road? To earn cash in Chicken Quest, an entertaining game overflowing with fantastic opportunities to win!

Chicken Quest is an exciting game with several thrilling features, such as multiplier awards and a fascinating Bonus game. The objective is to anticipate which of the six positions the Chicken will land on during the final and 6th ball drawn. Additionally, you can place bets on a Bonus Bet, which transports you to a riveting Bbonus Ggame if the Chicken gathers three or more bonus eggs during the base game.

In the Bonus Game, our beloved bird confronts its nemesis: The Egg. As both compete to cross the finish line first by collecting multipliers, they must be on the lookout for a cunning fox that can disqualify them from the Bbonus Ggame if it successfully hunts them down.

Are you ready to attempt to solve some of history’s most significant mysteries? Come aboard and join the hunt!


This egg-citing live game features a ball drawing machine that determines the path of the game’s beloved star, the Chicken. And with incredible opportunities to win big, including multipliers and a thrilling Bonus Game, the fun never stops!

The game features 48 balls, divided into six different colours with eight balls for each colour. Each round, six balls are drawn from the machine, and the Chicken moves down a row on the 6×6 tile grid, with each ball drawn. The Chicken will land on the cell that matches the colour of the ball drawn.

Your objective is straightforward, to predict the final position of the Chicken by guessing which of the six coloured positions it will land on, corresponding to the colour of the 6th and final ball drawn.

But wait, there’s more – the game also features a thrilling Bonus Game that is triggered when the Chicken collects three or more bonus eggs on the tile grid. To join in on the Bonus Game fun, just place a bet on the Bonus Bet and get ready for some excitement!

Don’t miss your chance to play Chicken Quest and experience the thrill of predicting the final position of the Chicken. Are you ready to take on the challenge and see if you can win big?

Main Game

Predict the Chicken’s final position and follow its quest for cash!

To join in on the action, simply place your bet on any of the six coloured positions that correspond to the colour of the 6th and final ball drawn. And don’t forget to place a bet on the bonus bet to amp up the excitement and get ready for the Bonus Game!

As the machine draws the first ball, the Chicken will take off and move down one row to the cell with the same colour as the ball drawn. And from there, it’s a thrilling journey as the Chicken continues to move down the grid with every ball drawn, encountering empty spaces, multipliers, and bonus triggers until the sixth and final ball is drawn.

And the best part? The colour of the 6th ball drawn will determine the winning bet, and if any of your bets cover the winning bet field, you’ll receive fantastic returns according to the type of bets placed. So, get ready to test your luck and see if you can conquer the challenge of Chicken Quest!

Bonus Games

Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg? Find out in the thrilling Bonus Game!

Are you ready to amp up the excitement even more? Chicken Quest not only offers a thrilling main game but also an epic Bonus Game where you get to choose between the Chicken or the Egg to play out a battle for riches!

To participate in the Bonus Game, simply place a bet on the Bonus Bet and keep your eyes peeled for bonus triggers collected by the Chicken as it makes its way down the 6×6 tile grid, during the main game draw. If the Chicken collects three or more bonus eggs, the Bonus Game will be triggered, and the real fun begins!

Choose Your Champion and Battle for Riches

In the Bonus Game, you must choose which side to play, either the invincible Egg or the Double-Up Chicken. But watch out for the Fox who is on the prowl and ready to end the game for either the Chicken or the Egg!

Invincible Egg –  collecting an immortal shield power-up will protect it from the Fox end-game. But if the Fox reaches the Egg before it collects the immortal power-up, it’s game over for the Egg.

Double-Up Chicken –  collecting a double-up feature will double all upcoming multipliers on their map. But beware, if the Chicken is caught by the end-game fox feature, it’s game over for the Double Up Chicken.

During the Bonus Game, both Chicken and Egg can collect increasingly higher multipliers as the round progresses, adding to the Total Multiplier per character. The fun continues until the journey for the surviving character ends, and the game is over.

Are you ready to battle it out for riches? Place your bets on Chicken Quest and join in on the adventure today!


Game Name
Chicken Quest
Game Type
Live Casino Game
Low on base bets, high on bonus bets
RTP Main Game
RTP Bonus Game

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