An epic battle between Dragons and Warriors!


The epic battle between Dragons and Warriors has culminated, and the last standing fighters are crossing swords to conquer the fantastic world of Aztec Combat. The future of the two troops will be fought out with a game of Dragon Tiger—and as the tradition goes, spectators will be asked to predict the final winner and will be awarded abundant rewards if they’re on the right side. 

Aztec Combat: Live is a thrilling game based on the classic Dragon Tiger Card betting style—with added features, including various rewarding multipliers, and two exciting RNG Bonus Games. Using a live ball drawing machine to draw numbers, in Aztec Combat, the objective is straightforward—to predict whether the Dragon or the Warrior will score the highest total value and win. 

The Warrior and Dragon have laid the battleground with multiplier and bonus triggers, which they’re willing to give you as an accolade, only if you entrust them with winning these Prize Balls.


Experience the heart-pumping excitement of Aztec Combat, an electrifying live game that takes the classic Dragon Tiger Card betting style to the next level! With a mesmerising live ball drawing machine, this game delivers an immersive and captivating experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

But that’s not all – Aztec Combat also comes loaded with exciting features and bonuses! With additional multipliers and two unique Bonus Games, you have even more opportunities to hit it big. And with 52 balls in play, each representing a different value and colour – from the King (valued at 13) to the Ace (valued at 1) – there’s never a dull moment as you watch the action unfold.

Similar to the classic Dragon Tiger, the objective is to correctly predict which side – the Dragon or Warrior – will draw the higher value hand or if it will result in a tie. Each game round, two balls are drawn for each side, ultimately determining the winner. And with the added thrill of the Bonus Balls that can lead you straight to one of the Bonus Games, there are even more ways to win!

Whether you choose to play in single player or live mode, the rules and gameplay remain the same. But for an extra dose of excitement and drama, click the ‘Go Live’ button and transition from Single Player to Aztec Combat: LiveSingle Player. So why wait? Join the action and discover if you have what it takes to emerge victorious in the exhilarating world of Aztec Combat!

Bonus Games

Unleash your inner warrior and experience the thrill of Aztec Combat

Get ready to enter the exhilarating world of Aztec Combat! 

It’s easy to play – just choose your bet on Dragon, Warrior, Tie, Bonus Dragon, and/or Bonus Warrior. Then, watch as four balls are drawn from the ball drawing machine – two for Dragon and two for Warrior, alternating between the two. 

The side with the higher total value of the two balls drawn will emerge victorious, and if they draw the same total value, it’s a nail-biting tie.

Betting on Dragon, Warrior, and Tie is based solely on the ball values, but the real fun starts when you place a bet on Bonus Dragon and/or Bonus Warrior. Why? Because it’s your chance to collect multipliers and bonus triggers during gameplay – increasing your chances of hitting it big!

Bonus Games

Unlock the ultimate Aztec Combat experience with the electrifying Bonus Games!

To join in on the fun, simply place a bet on one or both of these thrilling Bonus Games.

During each game round, up to four Bonus Balls are randomly selected. These multipliers and bonus triggers are only applied to the bonus bets.

To trigger the Dragon Bonus Game, one or more of the bonus trigger balls must match the ball(s) drawn for the Dragon. The same goes for the Warrior Bonus Game – it will be triggered when the ball(s) drawn for the Warrior match one or more of the Bonus Ballsbonus trigger balls.

Don’t miss out on the chance to win big with Aztec Combat’s Bonus Games – place your bonus bets and get ready for the excitement to unfold!


Step into the Dragon Bonus Game and choose between two dragons, the Immortal Dragon or the Double Dragon, to embark on a thrilling adventure through the forest, collecting multipliers and power-ups along the way.

The Immortal Dragon is shielded from the end game features of Bombs, Stalagmites, and Arrows when it collects an immortal shield power-up. However, if the dragon collects any of these end game features before the immortal power-up, the dragon will die, and the Bonus Game of the Immortal Dragon will end.

The Double-Up Dragon doubles all upcoming multipliers on its map when it collects a double-up feature. But, if it collects any of the end-game features, the dragon will die, and the Bonus Game of the Double Up Dragon will end.

Once both dragons complete their adventure, you will return to the Base Game, and the total multiplier dependent on the chosen dragon will be applied to your Bonus bet.


Get ready for an exciting adventure in the Warrior Bonus Game! As soon as you enter, a wheel will spin and determine the number of starting warriors. You could be awarded up to five to kick off the game. The objective is to navigate them through a 6×6 grid filled with eggs that may reveal a dragon, a multiplier, or an additional warrior.

The warriors will move from right to left, breaking eggs with each step they take. If a dragon is revealed, the warrior will be killed. However, if a multiplier is uncovered, it will be added to the Total Multiplier. Meanwhile, a Warrior Egg will add another warrior to the game who will automatically collect any Multiplier displayed on the Multiplier Belt.

The ultimate goal is to collect multipliers and extra warrior multipliers on the grid and finally arrive at the Multiplier Belt to claim the grand multiplier.


Game Name
Aztec Combat: Live
Game Type
Live Casino Game
Low on base bets, high on bonus bets
RTP Main Game
RTP Bonus Game

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